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Pick up the phone and leave a message at the beep!

In place of the traditional guestbook we recommend a new and exciting way of caputuring heartfelt messages and that’s with RingRing Audio Guestbook.

green screen photo booth city background
green screen photo booth mexico event
green screen photo booth mexico event

Make a memory, Leave a message.

    Record and cherish voice messages with our immaculately restored rotary telephones as a unique alternative to the traditional guestbooks.

Super easy to use

  1. Pick up Phone
  2. Listen to custom a personalized voice message
  3. Leave your message after the Beep
  4. Hang up phone and go back to Party!

custom enhancement

Do you still have your old record player? For an additional fee we have the ability to convert all of your heartfelt messages to your very own real vinyl record, Pretty cool!

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I want it!

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  3. Easy to follow instructions
  4. No WiFi required
  5. Leave unlimited messages


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